Baggers By Godfather

Godfather Baggers is the only true one stop shop in the country for Custom Bagger Parts, they represent most every Major mfr of Body Parts, Billet, Audio and Custom Motorcycle Wheels in the US and Canada.

Godfather Baggers specializes in building you the “Custom Bagger” of your dreams. If you can dream it we can build it with locations now in Rutherfordton and Kings Mountain NC we are sure to find you a spot to perform the work you need done whether its just a set of bags or your wanting to roll on a 32 no question Godfather Baggers is your last stop stop.

Why Should I Bring My Bike To Godfather Baggers?

1. You don’t have to bring it we will come get it and deliver it back anywhere in the lower 48 States, no matter how big or small the job. (All full builds pick up and delivery is FREE)

2. We DON’T ask you for 70% of your money up front, why would we we haven’t turned a wrench yet. You are only responsible for parts up front, we get 1 labor draw when it goes to paint, After paint is in house we will assemble and put test miles on the bike at that point you will come in RIDE THE BIKE, look the bike over good. If at that point you are 100% satisfied we get paid for the remainder of the labor. Meaning what you got to lose we can’t cut corners cause we haven’t been paid yet. We know the industry has developed a bad name with guys taking advantage of customers so we took the guess work out. Here at Godfather you will get every dime you pay for and more or you don’t PAY until you do

3. Last the proof is in the bikes they have won all over the country from Beverly Hills Ca to Daytona Beach Florida the Godfather Bagger is a showpiece everywhere you go, even to if you its your daily rider to us every time you stop and get off it’s on show so we have to be on our game.

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