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In 2012 Joey And his wife Samantha were living what some may say the good life. Newly weds living on Lake Wiley in Charlotte NC neither had to set an alarm clock they didn’t have a job they had to be at, they were living the american dream. He was Semi retired Chevrolet Nissan Dealer, he still owned a used car operation which he handled by phone and Samantha was running the couples apparel business Vindictive Wayz Via Phone and email while still part time with her modeling career. They were happy enjoyed the lake, traveling and there Harley, after close to a year the two had decided it was time to upgrade there current chopper to a new Bagger but not just any Bagger a Big Wheel bagger, any who know Joey understands bikes have been a passion for years there just hasn’t been the opportunity to get into the build side of it when all the sudden the door opened. They both looked all over the internet to find the exact Custom Bagger they wanted when they decided John Shope and Dirty Bird Concepts had the parts they thought would best show there personality. After about a month they went to a close friend to talk to him about building the bike and he informed the couple he didn’t carry that product. Joey then asked well do you want me to get the franchise or do you want to. In his disbelief the friend said no you go ahead. “I don’t believe that just happened” he told his wife and she said “what’s that” Joey said “he just gave me the ok to do what I have always wanted to do build bikes but out of respect I have always just let those guys do the work”.


As the days past Vindictive Wayz LLC. became not just an apparel company but also a Custom Bagger parts store, there vision a one stop shop for all your bagger needs. As the weeks and months passed and they began to build there personal bike parts sales were rising and the couple decided Vindictive Wayz doesn’t say much about us building bikes although we are known for our parts and apparel its just not catchy for the Bagger world, when bam we went to go daddy and there it was available the name was a instant hit. Hell the people that knew Joey would joke calling him the John Gotti of Rutherford Co. the couples hometown in NC. From that moment on Godfather Baggers became a subsidiary of Vindictive Wayz. Apparel sales skyrocketed with the new hats, hoodies and t- shirts but most of all the bikes were unbelievable, SICK some would say.

The first bike “Resurrection” a 2012 Street Glide was named NC and SC Baddest Bagger 2013, Easyrider 2014 Touring Modified Champion just to name a few. The bikes to come since have all proven to be show winners but more than show bikes they are built to ride which was the most important thing for Joey and Samantha. “We want every bike to be a Champion but we want you to ride it to the show” Joey Said. It has been 3 years now since the first bike was built many have come and gone but each have been proven Champions. Today is the same as it was day one if you call Joey will answer or he will return your call. If you decide you want a Godfather bagger you will work hand and hand with him and his design team to bring to life the bike of your dreams. The parts sales are the same Vindictive Wayz is still handling that end where 99% of the time you will speak with Joey when ordering your parts or if you have a technical question but bottom line he says the key to success to this or any business you have to be willing to listen to what the customer wants and understand your not building your bike your building theirs. Joey will be the first to stop you if he feels your making a mistake because God knows he made plenty starting out but in the end if you choose thats the way you wanna go it’s like he said it’s your bike who am I to tell you what you want. Lucky for him people understand and trust that there is ALWAYS a waiting list and for that the couple says they are blessed. If there wasn’t a waiting list we wouldn’t be doing something right.

One thing you can rest assured when calling Vindictive Wayz we will always give each customer the same personal attention whether your spending $7.00 or 70k dollars and you will always get what you pay for. Joey says we never collect a labor dollar until the end of your build. When you say yes I am completely satisfied THEN YOU PAY he believes that way we have just as much invested as you do in your build, so there is never a question if there has been a short cut because you don’t pay for short cuts and they always show up in the end. One thing you can bet on is a first class job at a reasonable rate many times much cheaper than the competitors. We do coast to coast free shipping on all full builds to us and back to you. so no matter if your in SC or California Godfather Baggers is here to build the bike you have dreamed of with little to no risk when all the labor is paid after you have approved a job well done. For more Information on parts you can shop online by clicking the link however there is no way we can list all the parts we carry so if you dont see what your looking for call or to schedule a build contact us direct at 828-286 9211 business phone or Joey’s cell at 828-429-6909 if no answer its best to send a text he will get back to you ASAP. We look forward to hearing from you soon see us on Facebook at Joey Vindictive Wayz Beam or like our Godfather Baggers page for all our newest builds and Bagger Parts available.


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